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Laugh at the girl who loved too easily.




Top 10 Influential Ladies (in no particular order):

I believe in the joyous power of an unscheduled dance break.
↳ Sophia Bush


The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

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Pretty Little Liars Meme (4/6 favourite characters):

Aria Montgomery

"You know Spencer, she’s a total stress case. A garbanzo bean in the wrong salad bin is enough to make her wig out."

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Top 15 Pretty Little Liars Friendships (as voted by my followers)
1. Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Spencer Hastings
"I trust these girls with my life."

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grey’s anatomy meme: fifteen characters

→ jo wilson (1/15)

My mother left me at a fire station when I was two weeks old. I got bumped around foster homes until I was 16, when I took matters into my own hands and started living out of a car. I parked it behind the gym of my high school so I could sneak in and use the showers before class. My home-ec teacher, Ms. Schmidt, let me do my laundry there for free. And, yeah, I got into good schools because I worked my ass off. And when I walked across that stage at graduation, I didn’t have a cheering section filled with my richy-rich family. I had one person. Ms. Schmidt. That’s it. She’s the one who gave me this watch when I got the job. Her son works for the company.

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